January 18, 2017


Hapstone V6 pre-order

I'm proud to tell you that pre-order on Hapstone V6 is open.

Here is a brief guideline for stone bundle choosing.

  • You have sharpening stone collection compatible with Hapstone? Choose basic bundle.
  • You have EDC / Hunting / Tactical / Traditional Japanese knives made of powder steel (ZDP-189, ZDP-247, S30V, S35VN, S90V, S110V, 154CM, D2, YXR7, Cowry, S290, S390, K294, K390, M390, Elmax) or traditional hard steels (154CPM, ATS-34, 440C, AUS-8, AUS-10, A2, BG-42)? Choose silicon carbide bundle.
  • You have Kitchen / EDC knives made of soft carbon or stainless steel (1095, 1080, 1070, 1050, 420, 440A, 440B, 3Cr13, 8Cr13MoV, 8Cr14MoV, 9Cr14MoV, AUS-4, AUS-6)? Choose aluminum oxide bundle.
  • You like diamonds? Choose diamond bundle.
December 29, 2016


Hapstone V6 announced!

New knife sharpener delivers 11°-44° sharpening angle range, ultimate precision and no-tool assembly for best sharpening experience

29th December 2016 - HAPSTONE has just launched HAPSTONE V6, 6th generation of successful V-series. V6 is being heralded as the ultimate knife sharpener with ability to use thousands of sharpening stones. The new V6 delivers breath-taking features while pushing the boundaries for knife sharpening enthusiasts who demand the best.

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October 05, 2016


Belgian Blue Whetstone

All natural whetstones are different. Virtually every country in the world has its unique natural stone. Belgium has Belgian Blue Whetstones known as BBW. BBW has a high garnet content, and garnet crystals give it extraordinary properties. Usually sharpening grains must have sharp edges to be high-abrasive. Garnets have dodecahedron shape (ball with 20 vertices) which perfectly suits purpose of ultra-fine sharpening and polishing. Size of one garnet is 10-25 micron.

This is how BBW looks like in nature. You will notice a thin yellow layer inside the rock of brown BBW. It's Coticule, the rare and expensive whetstone, a satellite of BBW.

The surface of BBW has distinctive texture:


BBW is universal and can be used on stainless and high-carbon steels of any hardness and composition. BBW creates a very accurate cutting edge if pre-finish sharpening is made without flaws. 

BBW is available on Gritomatic in Edge Pro format.

October 05, 2016


October 01, 2016


India and Crystolon for Edge Pro

India and Crystolon names are among the most well known sharpening stones in the world. They are made of different abrasive materials, but both are pre-filled with lubricating oil at the factory. It's a unique feature of Norton company. The oil lets you work with the stone without pre-soaking. A lubricant is required to prevent stone loading during the sharpening process. It's useful to have the oil as a component of the stone.

It's tricky to make India and Crystolon in Edge Pro format mounted on aluminum blank. The problem is oil inside the stone. It's difficult to glue something which is covered by oil. It was a long way of trials and errors before we found a glue with high oil resistance and high adhesion to dirty surface. And we did it.

September 20, 2016

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New diamond bundle for Hapstone Pro

We have lots of new products today. First of all, I want to introduce new bundle for Hapstone Pro.

New bundle includes 2 dual-sided diamonds and 1 ceramic stone, 5 grits in total. It is a wonderful choice for Hapstone Pro sharpener as it allows you to use stones of different formats, and dual-sided stones are not an exception.

These diamond stones are non-ferromagnetic, so there is no need to detach a magnet that is built in the working plate of Hasptone Pro sharpener. The diamonds are F 100, F 240, F 400, F 800 grits and the ceramic stone is ~ F 1000 grit. The grit is marked on the side of each stone, for example and 160/125­  and 50/40 .

Arrows show the corresponding side. But the numbers can be a little confusing, as the grit is indicated in particle micron range according to GOST standard usual for Russia, the country of origin for the diamonds. Just keep in mind: the finer the stone is, the lower the micron value will be.

Marking on stones


160/125 ↑

F 100

50/40 ↓

F 240

20/14 ↑

F 400

7/5 ↓

F 800

July 20, 2016


gritomatic ›  

Economy International Shipping

International shipping from the USA turns out to be very expensive, even for light-weight parcels. We have decided to restore economy international shipping from our russian warehouse. Economy shipping cost depends on weight. It starts from 7 USD for small orders which is 5 times more expensive than USPS international shipping.

Economy shipping can be sometimes quite slow in holiday seasons. Our slowest delivery was 6 weeks. Nevertheless, you can expect 1-4 weeks delivery. Our loyal costomer from Sweden always receive orders in only 1 week.

June 22, 2016


7 reasons why Edge Pro stones are better for Hapstone

Hapstone PRO knife sharpener is compatible with a variety of sharpening stones: bench stones, pocket stones, Spyderco triangle stones, Edge Pro stones. None of other sharpening systems available on market has this feature.

When we start using Hapstone Pro, there is no need to replace the stones. We can use all stones we already have.

Moreover, the gritomatic.com store has a wide selection of abrasives for Hapstone Pro: synthetic and natural stones, leather and balsa strops, diamonds and CBNs.

All of them are Edge Pro format and here are 7 reasons why we focus on Edge Pro format only and recommend it for Hapstone Pro sharpening system.

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June 13, 2016


Warehouse in the USA

We have made next big step. Gritomatic starts shipping from the USA. Hapstone sharpeners and our best sharpening stones are stored in Chicago warehouse now. Your order can be delivered in just few days instead of weeks! Now we are able to offer satisfaction guarantee warranty to our customers.
April 28, 2016


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Rozsutec for Edge Pro

Rozsutec is our first addition since start of Gritomatic. Rozsutec is natural stone mined in Slovakia (Eastern Europe). Like many other natural stones in the world, Rozsutec is unique to one small area.

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