Hapstone PRO knife sharpener is compatible with a variety of sharpening stones: bench stones, pocket stones, Spyderco triangle stones, Edge Pro stones. None of other sharpening systems available on market has this feature.

When we start using Hapstone Pro, there is no need to replace the stones. We can use all stones we already have.

Moreover, the gritomatic.com store has a wide selection of abrasives for Hapstone Pro: synthetic and natural stones, leather and balsa strops, diamonds and CBNs.

All of them are Edge Pro format and here are 7 reasons why we focus on Edge Pro format only and recommend it for Hapstone Pro sharpening system.

  1. Edge Pro stones are 6" long. Length 6"-8" is considered to be optimal for desktop manual knife sharpeners. 6" is enough for comfortable hand strokes. Shorter stones are less comfortable to work due to high risk of slip down. 
  2. Edge Pro stones are 1" or ½" wide. You always see the contact spot between the knife and the sharpening stone. It won’t be so easy with sharpening stones wider than 1".
  3. Narrow Edge Pro stones with ½" width are very good for recurved blades. Wide stones can ruin the cutting edge.
  4. Edge Pro stones have low weight (1-3 oz). It means easy pressure control which is essential for medium and finish sharpening.
  5. Edge Pro stones mounted on aluminum blanks have longer life cycle. Every time you flatten or lap a sharpening stone, it becomes thinner. It's a matter of time when the stone becomes so thin that it breaks during sharpening. Unmounted stones will break much sooner.
  6. All Edge Pro stones at gritomatic.com are mounted on aluminum blanks and have identification (stone brand and grit) on back side. All factory marks on front side will fade and disappear during sharpening and lapping. Without proper marking on back side you can hardly differ one stone or grit from another.
  7. Edge Pro stones are easy to store as they are uniform.

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