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May 21, 2017


Gritomatic at Blade Show 2017

We are proud to announce that Gritomatic will exhibit at Blade Show 2017. You can find us at Booth #303.

We will show:

  • Hapstone V6 knife sharpener (latest revision)
  • Venev bonded diamonds in various formats: Edge Pro, KME, DMT, dual-sided for Hapstone, pocket and full-size benchstone
  • Our partner Jende Industries will show their products including ultra-fine stropping compounds.
April 25, 2017


Hapstone V6 Rev2

We have started shipping Hapstone V6 Revision 2 this week to both US and international customers. All pre-orders will be shipped before May 1st. Unfortunately there is some delay with diamond bundles. Customers who make pre-order of V6 with diamond set will receive 2 parcels: the sharpener with basic stones and the diamond bundle 1 week later.

March 26, 2017


Hapstone V6 Deluxe

Deluxe is launched. Blue color, rotating clamp system, wooden box, digital angle gauge, 1 and 0.3 micron polishing films, leather strop with compound.

We will ship worldwide from our russian warehouse. Estimated start shipping date March 20, delivery time approximately 2 weeks. Deluxe is priced from $579 to $599, free expedited shipping.

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February 17, 2017


Hapstone V6 Rev1 Public Statement

In January 2017, we launched the new Hapstone V6 knife sharpening system. In mid-February, customers began to receive their orders. Unfortunately, many customers informed us that the sharpener they purchased had defects. After an investigation, we confirmed that the Hapstone V6 Revision 1 had a few serious flaws. We will do our best to correct our mistake and help our customers get the sharpener back to perfect working condition... View full article →
February 16, 2017


Shipping and tracking

We finally fixed order lookup page. It did not work correctly. Now you can lookup your order if you did not register an account and find information about the status of your order. All courier companies except Amazon Logistics are trackable.

Order lookup

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February 11, 2017


New arrival

60+ brand new products arrived to our U.S. stock. Many out-of-stock products returned in stock too. Take a look "New product collection" which includes:

  • KME format stones
  • Natural stones including vintage
  • Supplies for flattering and lapping

We will start shipping of new product on Feb 15th. For that reason express shipping is temporary disabled.

January 24, 2017


Rotating clamp system for Hapstone

The world of guided knife sharpeners is divided into clamp-based and working table-based. Either have strengths and weaknesses. Table-based sharpeners offer the even sharpening angle across whole blade. Clamp-based sharpeners offer the consistency in every point during whole sharpening process. Table-based are more universal, while clamp-based have shorter learning curve. Hapstone knife sharpener belongs to both worlds now with Rotating Clamp System upgrade.

Rotating Clamp System will be available from Feb 15th.

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January 18, 2017

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Hapstone V6 pre-order

I'm proud to tell you that pre-order on Hapstone V6 is open.

Here is a brief guideline for stone bundle choosing.

  • You have sharpening stone collection compatible with Hapstone? Choose basic bundle.
  • You have EDC / Hunting / Tactical / Traditional Japanese knives made of powder steel (ZDP-189, ZDP-247, S30V, S35VN, S90V, S110V, 154CM, D2, YXR7, Cowry, S290, S390, K294, K390, M390, Elmax) or traditional hard steels (154CPM, ATS-34, 440C, AUS-8, AUS-10, A2, BG-42)? Choose silicon carbide bundle.
  • You have Kitchen / EDC knives made of soft carbon or stainless steel (1095, 1080, 1070, 1050, 420, 440A, 440B, 3Cr13, 8Cr13MoV, 8Cr14MoV, 9Cr14MoV, AUS-4, AUS-6)? Choose aluminum oxide bundle.
  • You like diamonds? Choose diamond bundle.
December 29, 2016


Hapstone V6 announced!

New knife sharpener delivers 11°-44° sharpening angle range, ultimate precision and no-tool assembly for best sharpening experience

29th December 2016 - HAPSTONE has just launched HAPSTONE V6, 6th generation of successful V-series. V6 is being heralded as the ultimate knife sharpener with ability to use thousands of sharpening stones. The new V6 delivers breath-taking features while pushing the boundaries for knife sharpening enthusiasts who demand the best.

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October 05, 2016


Belgian Blue Whetstone

All natural whetstones are different. Virtually every country in the world has its unique natural stone. Belgium has Belgian Blue Whetstones known as BBW. BBW has a high garnet content, and garnet crystals give it extraordinary properties. Usually sharpening grains must have sharp edges to be high-abrasive. Garnets have dodecahedron shape (ball with 20 vertices) which perfectly suits purpose of ultra-fine sharpening and polishing. Size of one garnet is 10-25 micron.

This is how BBW looks like in nature. You will notice a thin yellow layer inside the rock of brown BBW. It's Coticule, the rare and expensive whetstone, a satellite of BBW.

The surface of BBW has distinctive texture:


BBW is universal and can be used on stainless and high-carbon steels of any hardness and composition. BBW creates a very accurate cutting edge if pre-finish sharpening is made without flaws. 

BBW is available on Gritomatic in Edge Pro format.

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