First Look to TSProf Kadet


The first look is written using publicly available information from TSPROF and photos taken on public trade show. EVERYTHING is subject to change because the product is NOT launched.


TSProf has introduced new series of knife sharpeners - Kadet. Gritomatic has an opportunity to visit TSProf booth at Klinok, the largest Russian knife show. Despite some concerns over self-consistency in naming and positioning, we have to admit that Kadet is a marvel.

There are two kits: Kadet Expert and Kadet Expert+. Kadet Expert is the barebone version with no stones, Kadet Expert+ is the version with diamond set and a screwdriver for clamps.

Kadet is fusion of TSProf K03 and Blitz. They took cons of both worlds: versatility and upgradability of K03, mobility and price level of Blitz. Kadet utilizes a shorter version of K03 crossbar and the Blitz guide rod with a stopper and a parking adapter. You can use any clamps made for K03 and the accessories designed for Blitz guide rod such as spring assisted stoppers made by Hapstone, convex adapter, and Blitz improved stone holder.

Kadet in TSProf product matrix

TSProf has revealed the pricing for Russian market in local currency. US and global pricing is always different in TSProf, but it does not matter. The revealed price is the level of Blitz 360. Kadet will be officially released in Russia in November. Until that moment, there is official pricing.


Blitz is portable because it's small and foldable. Kadet is larger, but also portable. It's perfect to fit a customizable carry case. The rotating clamp system with crossbar is removable. The curved rail is foldable. The TSProf branded plaque is rubber dampener for the rail.

Kadet vs Blitz vs K03

K03 with stand Kadet Blitz
Stand 9.5" x 8.7" Stand 7" x 5.3" Stand 4.4" x 5"
Weight ~14 lbs Weight 4 lbs Weight 3.3 lbs
Not mobile Mobile with fast assembling Mobile with no assembling

You can visually compare Kadet with K03 and Blitz by our side-by-side photos.



You can sharpen knife sharpeners of any type.

  • Sharpening angle range 8.5 to 28.5 degrees
  • Max blade spine 7mm
  • Minimum blade length 1.2"
  • Maximum blade length 12"
  • Maximum blade width 1.5"
  • Maximum stone length 6"

With optional upgrades:

  • Scissors, shears and tools with the Small Table
  • Steep Full Flat Grind with K03 steel clamps
  • Fillet knives with K03 fillet clamps
  • Convex with the Blitz convex adapter

Kadet is smaller than K03. Some non-mainstream features are sacrificed:

  • 8" sharpening stones. We keep repeating - it's a useless feature
  • Extra wide and extra long knives. You can sharpen extra wide and extra long knives on Kadet with partial stone utilization.
  • Sharpening angles 30+ degrees.


Kadet introduces innovative design of the rotating clamp system on the curved rail. When you move the clamp system up and down, the rail forces clamps to change the sharpening angle. For the best result, the cutting edge should be in the static point, the center of the curvature (let's call it G-spot). If the blade is clamped correctly, the guide rod will be frozen when you adjust the sharpening angle. It means you can "zero" a digital angle gauge on the guide rod.


Kadet crossbar is compatible with any clamps made for K03 and some accessories for Blitz. LET'S TRY ALL OF THEM!

You can fit 4 clamps on Kadet crossbar. The central clamp and the small table consume 2 slots.

Stock Kadet clamps are smaller version of K03 wholemilled clamps. The length of stock clamps is dictated by a few factors related to new design.

Left-to-right: Stock Kadet clamps, K03 Wholemilled clamps, K03 Wholemilled Fillet clamps.

Stock clamps

K03 Wholemilled Clamps

K03 Wholemilled Fillet Clamps

K03 Straight Side Steel Clamps (AKA Double Clamp)

K03 Y-shaped Central Steel Clamp (AKA Single Clamp)

Stock Clamps + K03 Wholemilled Clamps

Double Clamps + Single Clamp (AKA Outdoorsman setup)

Small Universal Table

Blitz Convex Mini-adapter

Parking adapter (should be included in stock kit)

Final words

Don't wait Kadet sooner than in May.

Don't ask about price now.

Don't sell Blitz 360.

Don't worry about G-spot.

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