It all starts with a knife. A knife that deserves respect and requires proper maintenance. Keep it sharp, the magazine articles say. But this can be a difficult and frustrating process. Old crafts are becoming less important, and tool sharpening skills are no exception. Our mission is to ensure this craftsmanship endures. The idea of knife sharpening being performed by the individual to whom the knife belongs is close to our heart. As such, the support we offer our customers includes information about sharpening stones, abrasives and knife maintenance. We provide modern, high-quality sharpeners that give a fast, long-lasting edge, as well as various stones and accessories. We have a great love for the craft of knife sharpening, and our aim is to share this passion with our customers.

Featured products

Scissors Attachment for Hapstone M2 and V7


$80.00 USD

Scissors Attachment for sharpening scissors and shears. Compatible with Hapstone M2, V7, and V6. 

Hapstone R1 Knife Sharpener


from $399.00 USD

Hapstone R1 Precision Knife Sharpener is the new flagship knife sharpener from Hapstone, the supplier of successful Hapstone V7 and Hapstone M2. Based on the cutting-edge rotating clamp technology, Hapstone R1 delivers the ultimate combination of high precision, rich features, and scalability to knife sharpening enthusiasts.


    • New Rotating triple clamp system (side clamps are detachable)
    • New Adjustable clamps with Stainless-Steel Flat Springs
    • New Modular approach - everything is upgradable!
    • New Linear ball bearing provides smooth shaft movement and requires no lubrication or cleaning in heavy-duty usage
    • New Fine-tuning for angle adjustment 
    • New Pivot unit with the full 360° rotation
    • New One hex screwdriver for clamping and assembling
    • High-precision universal stone holder of Square design with built-in digital angle gauge holder
    • Anodized coating for extra durability
    • Full compatibility with Edge Pro and KME format stones
    • Suitable for sharpening stones up to 8 inches (210 mm)
    • Any sharpening angle in a range from 9° to 33° degrees (*)
    • All basic parts including thumbs are made of metal
    • Light-alloy horizontal shaft for better pressure control during the sharpening process
    • Fast assembly
    • Parking hook for horizontal shaft
    • Wooden handle to make time-consuming work a little easier
    • Heavy base does not require clamping to a table
    • Max blade length 19", max thickness 0.25"
    • Rubber coated supporting legs that can be used on any surface

    * The sharpening angle range varies between different blades and sharpening modules:
    15° - 33° for narrow blades with the rotating clamp system.
    9° - 32 ° for wide blades with the rotating clamp system.
    9° - 41° with the extendable table module.

    These specifications enable Hapstone to deliver an industry-leading high-precision knife sharpener to the market.


    Hapstone K1

    March 16, 2019

    Today we revealed new Hapstone K1 knife sharpener in mid-tier price segment featuring customers’ most wanted feature - the Rotating Clamp System. The rotating clamp system is featured in two Hapstone knife sharpeners: flagship Hapstone R1 with ultimate combinations of capabilities and Hapstone K1 with optimal features for the best price. Hapstone R1 and Hapstone K1 exemplify dedication to meeting the needs of sharpening enthusiasts by providing them with greater choice and convenience.

    Hapstone R1 and Hapstone K1 are immediately available for purchase on Gritomatic in the USA.

    Early birds are first Hapstone R1 production units of a very limited quantity dedicated for media. Regular production will be available at the end of April. Hapstone R1 prices are starting from $399.

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    Sneak peek: Suehiro Debado

    December 16, 2018

    Debado is a premium series from Suehiro made of aluminum oxide with the magnesia binder similar to Chosera and Shapton Pro series. The magnesia binder gives Debado excellent sharpening quality and performance, and high wear resistance. Debado series stones are universal and can be used to sharpen knives of any steel including high carbon, vanadium, and chromium steels.

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    Sneak Peek: Venev OCB Bonded Diamonds

    December 14, 2018

    The OCB version of Venev Diamonds utilizes a brand-new yellow binder with no abrasive particles in the composition. OCB is available in extra-fine grits only and offers better scratch-free sharpening result.

    Venev OCB Diamonds are available in F 1200 grit (2.5 um) only. F 800 grit (6 um) will be released in Q1. Dual-sided formats of OCB will be released at the same time.

    • I have the original Venev diamond stone 1200 grit. Do I need the OCB?

      Legacy binder composition includes medium-hard particles up to 7 microns large. (It was necessary to stabilize diamond/binder matrix.) As result, when sharpening some steels the legacy F 1200 and F 2000 may not show noticeable progression after F 800. In this case, the new OCB diamonds will be the good upgrade.

    • Do I need to lap OCB diamonds?

      We recommend lapping all Venev diamonds including OCB because flatness tolerance is the same as for legacy diamonds. However, it's not mandatory for OCB version because the surface is finer.

    • How about OCB F 2000 grit?

      It will not be released due to substantial technology limits. F 2000 will be legacy only.

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