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It all starts with a knife. A knife that deserves respect and requires proper maintenance. Keep it sharp, the magazine articles say. But this can be a difficult and frustrating process. Old crafts are becoming less important, and tool sharpening skills are no exception. Our mission is to ensure this craftsmanship endures. The idea of knife sharpening being performed by the individual to whom the knife belongs is close to our heart. As such, the support we offer our customers includes information about sharpening stones, abrasives and knife maintenance. We provide modern, high-quality sharpeners that give a fast, long-lasting edge, as well as various stones and accessories. We have a great love for the craft of knife sharpening, and our aim is to share this passion with our customers.

Featured products

Wooden Storage Case for Edge Pro Stones


$57.00 USD

Custom-made wooden storage case holds and protects your Edge Pro stones. An elegant light-weight yet sturdy case is made of oak featuring high-quality hardware. The case has 5 slots for sharpening stones of Edge Pro format.

Fine-Tuning Adapter for Hapstone Knife Sharpener


$34.00 USD

Fine-Tuning Adapter is a simple tool for maintaining the chosen sharpening angle while working on Hapstone knife sharpener.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Compatibility: Hapstone M2, Hapstone V7, Hapstone V6, Hapstone V5


Sneak peek: Metallic Bonded Diamonds

December 13, 2018

New Metallic Bonded Diamonds are more wear-resistant and have better geometry "out of the box" than resin bond Venev diamonds. Metallic diamonds are available in 7 grits, the coarsest is 40 grit (500 microns).


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Future Products Public Statement

December 11, 2018

No matter how hard Hapstone company tried to bring products on the market, unexpected circumstances caused multiple delays in production. Therefore, Gritomatic and Hapstone came to the tough decision to cancel all active preorders and eliminate preordering at Gritomatic. Breaking the promises is much worse than delays in production. We apologize to all customers. All upcoming products are still in development, including Hapstone R1 (in the final stage). No product we ever mentioned in social networks, forums and tradeshows, has been canceled. However, all upcoming or out-of-stock Hapstone products are  "Done, when it's done".

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Migration from Wicked Edge

October 06, 2018

Hapstone has recently introduced the Guide Rod for Wicked Edge stones and paddles. The Guide Rod is optional accessory compatible with Hapstone M2, V7, V6 knife sharpeners as well as upcoming Hapstone R1. It can be purchased in Gritomatic. In order to simplify the migration from Wicked Edge to Hapstone, for all new orders of Hapstone knife sharpeners, the Guide Rod will be shipped for free. after a customer provides photo proofs of Wicked Edge ownership.

Hapstone knife sharpeners become the most versatile and capable to use the vast majority of existing sharpening stones including Edge Pro, KME, Spyderco, bench stones up to 210 mm, pocket stones of any size, and now Wicked Edge!

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