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Jende JIGS 2.0 Knife Sharpener


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Experience precise and effortless sharpening with the Jende JIGS 2.0 guided sharpener from Jende Industries. This stainless-steel, weatherproof sharpener is easy and intuitive to use, with precise Exacudrive angle adjustment to sharpen knives up to 26 inches.

This updated version includes many improved components, like a stainless steel rotary, magnetic crossbar, and an Exacudrive with Teflon collars and stronger spring tension. JIGS 2.0 also features the Exacudrive Extension for higher sharpening angles, and the Small Knife Clamp Attachment.

  • Exclusive! Stone bundles - JIGS 2.0 can be purchased with one of our stone sets or without sharpening stones. If you want to buy a kit as seen on Jende web-site, choose Jende JIGS Recommended set.
  • New! Exacudrive Extension for higher angles (up to 34 degrees)
  • New! Small Knife Clamp Attachment for better clamping and pushing the lower angle limit to 6 degrees.
  • New! Stainless Steel Rotary
  • New! Stainless Steel Clamp Bar (use it to zero a digital angle gauge)
  • Mountable base - The JIGS system can stand alone or be bolted or mounted to a table or base for greater balance, control, and security.
  • Macro Angle Adjust - gets you in the ballpark quickly.
  • Exacudrive Micro Adjust - dials your angle in with ease and the greatest accuracy on the market. The Exacudrive gear is adjustable to under 0.025 degrees.
  • Movable Clamps - allow you to custom place the clamps to hold any knife.
  • 1 Tool Clamping Operation - There's only 1 tool needed to operate the clamps.
  • Spring Action Stone Changes - makes stone changes fast and easy.
  • Magnetic Stone Holder - securely holds the angle cube for hands-free accurate and consistent measurements.
  • 26" (65cm) Sharpening Capability - pocket knives, chef knives, watermelon knives, cake knives, and machetes are no match for the reach of the JIGS.
  • Stainless Steel Construction - solid and sturdy in any weather or usage environment, and will hold up against more gorilla-handed types.
  • Dishwasher Safe - especially in commercial kitchens, the JIGS can withstand cleaning and sanitizing agents as well as high temperatures.
  • 10-26 Degree Angle Range without Exacudrive Extention and Small Knife Clamp Attachment (approximately).

Full Content

JIGS kit includes:

⚙️JIGS 2.0 sharpening system
🕳️Heavy acrylic base
📐IP 65 Digital angle gauge
🔩T-shaped hex key
🖊️Permanent Marker