Venev Diamond Stropping Paste in Jar


Micron Grit: 125


Abrasive Synthetic monocrystalline diamonds
Available Grits 📊 Grit Chart
60 μ   C
40 μ   C
20 μ   C
14 μ   M
10 μ   F
7 μ   F
5 μ   EF
3 μ   EF
2 μ   UF
1 μ   UF
0.5 μ   UF
Country of Origin Russia
Abrasive Standard Micron value


Diamond Compound is a very effective method of honing and polishing the cutting edge of the knife. Diamond is the hardest commercially available substance on Earth. Diamond Compound consists of synthetic diamond powder.

Diamond Compound can be used with any strop made of smooth or coarse leather, balsa or felt. Smooth leather is best strop material for Diamond Compound.

Diamond Compound does not require any preparations. However, you can experience difficulty to take the compound from the jar if your air temperature is below 20°C (68°F). In such case, you can slightly warm compound to make it molten. Take a small amount of compound and evenly distribute it to the surface of the strop.

You will not be able to fully remove the compound after applying it to the strop. If you want to use your strop both with and without compound, you must, therefore, keep one side clean. If you want to switch between one compound and another, consider buying an extra strop.

Compound residue accumulates in the leather during stropping. If stropping performance gets worse, remove the residue with a knife spine or special tool, and apply the fresh compound.