Venev Diamonds: Orion vs Centaur

FAQ. I wonder which Venev diamond is better - Orion or Centaur?

Answer. Orion diamonds are easier to use and have a longer life cycle.

1) Orion is mounted on the aluminum blank so it is clamped in a guided sharpener really well.

Centaur stones are without blank. Modern sharpeners can use rectangular stones, but there is always room for mistake.

2) The grit value of Orion stone is engraved on the blank, so it is easy to identify.

Dual-sided Centaur stones have grit value engraved on side faces, be careful to use the correct side.

3) Abrasive of Orion does not touch the sharpener.

Centaur is dual-sided, so one side always touches the sharpener.

4) Diamond-bearing layer of Orion is 2-3 times thicker than that of Centaur. (3 mm diamond layer vs minimum 1 mm in Centaur). Orion is better for heavy-duty sharpening with regular lapping.

But Centaur is more affordable, for example, Centaur 240+400 is $39, whereas Orion 240 + Orion 400 is $88 ($41 + $47).

Centaur is widely used for freehand sharpening as well.

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