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New diamond bundle for Hapstone Pro

We have lots of new products today. First of all, I want to introduce new bundle for Hapstone Pro.

New bundle includes 2 dual-sided diamonds and 1 ceramic stone, 5 grits in total. It is a wonderful choice for Hapstone Pro sharpener as it allows you to use stones of different formats, and dual-sided stones are not an exception.

These diamond stones are non-ferromagnetic, so there is no need to detach a magnet that is built in the working plate of Hasptone Pro sharpener. The diamonds are F 100, F 240, F 400, F 800 grits and the ceramic stone is ~ F 1000 grit. The grit is marked on the side of each stone, for example and 160/125­  and 50/40 .

Arrows show the corresponding side. But the numbers can be a little confusing, as the grit is indicated in particle micron range according to GOST standard usual for Russia, the country of origin for the diamonds. Just keep in mind: the finer the stone is, the lower the micron value will be.

Marking on stones


160/125 ↑

F 100

50/40 ↓

F 240

20/14 ↑

F 400

7/5 ↓

F 800

Konstantin Martynenko
Konstantin Martynenko

As the owner of Gritomatic online store I'd like to use this blog to talk with you and share my knowledge and experience in sharpening. English is not my native language, I am sorry for any mistakes and really hope it will not become a barrier between us. I will be happy to receive feedback from your side.

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