We have lots of new products today. First of all, I want to introduce new bundle for Hapstone Pro.

New bundle includes 2 dual-sided diamonds and 1 ceramic stone, 5 grits in total. It is a wonderful choice for Hapstone Pro sharpener as it allows you to use stones of different formats, and dual-sided stones are not an exception.

These diamond stones are non-ferromagnetic, so there is no need to detach a magnet that is built in the working plate of Hasptone Pro sharpener. The diamonds are F100, F240, F400, F800 grits and the ceramic stone is ~ F1000 grit. The grit is marked on the side of each stone, for example and 160/125­  and 50/40 .

Arrows show the corresponding side. But the numbers can be a little confusing, as the grit is indicated in particle micron range according to GOST standard usual for Russia, the country of origin for the diamonds. Just keep in mind: the finer the stone is, the lower the micron value will be.

Marking on stones


160/125 ↑


50/40 ↓


20/14 ↑


7/5 ↓


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