Rozsutec for Edge Pro

Rozsutec is our first addition since start of Gritomatic. Rozsutec is natural stone mined in Slovakia (Eastern Europe). Like many other natural stones in the world, Rozsutec is unique to one small area.

"In the north east of the province of Zilina Slovakia, we find a small town Terchová with about 4000 inhabitants. It is situated at 514 m altitude north of the Mala Fatra mountains. Here lives the last Slowakian whetstone maker Lubomír Krivoš."

Rozsutec is quite famous, and you can buy bench stone in many online shops dedicated to knife sharpening. However, only Gritomatic offers Edge Pro version of Rozsutec. It's absolutely flat and lapped to ultra-fine and looks fantastic. You can notice that the stone has irregular coloring - yellow on one side. You can identify Rozsutec by that feature!

Rozsutec is sedimentary slitstone with average particle size 10-20μm. Carbonate (CaCO3) is primary abrasive agent. Sedimentary genesis means Rozsutec has many fragmentary particles of bigger size. Some of them are soft, but others are hard (quartz with size 40-60μm). That's why Rozsutec behavior depends on how good it has been lapped.

Rozsutec on polarization microscope:

Rozsutec is estimated to be 4000-6000 grit to show it's good finishing stone. Do not compare it with japanese synthetic stones. The stone should be used with water but no need to soak and get slurry. It means Rozsutec will be very comfortable to use with Edge Pro sharpener.

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