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TSProf Pioneer Knife Sharpener


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TSProf Pioneer is a new cost-effective tool for sharpening household knives. Embracing the art of kitchen knife maintenance has never been simpler, thanks to the Pioneer knife sharpening system. Designed with the household in mind, its user-friendly interface comes naturally.

  • Universal clamps are suitable for honing folding knives, kitchen knives, tourist knives, and multitools.
  • Turning mechanism ensures consistent sharpening angles on both sides of the blade.
  • Abrasive holder accommodating standard 6" sharpening stones on a backing plate. Spring-loaded stop mechanism streamlines abrasive changes.
  • Abrasive stroke limiter with a damper prevents unwanted detachment of the abrasive stone.
  • Compact size - the most compact and lightweight of TSPROF systems.
  • Reliable materials - 7075T6 aircraft aluminum.

Beyond its exceptional functionality, the TSPROF Pioneer sharpening system boasts a stylish design. Enhanced by a wooden ball handle, it affords optimal control over abrasive movements. The inclusion of a parking element facilitates secure fixation of the abrasive holder, simplifying blade rotations, abrasive swaps, and visual stone surface assessments.

With the acquisition of the TSPROF Pioneer sharpening kit, you acquire a trustworthy tool for household knife sharpening that amalgamates practicality, efficacy, and an appealing appearance.

For space-efficient storage, the device frame is removable, and the body can be folded.

Pioneer stands as the lightest of the TSPROF sharpeners. It effortlessly secures to surfaces using the provided G-clamp. The Pioneer's base accommodates mounting onto the sturdy K03 steel stand. Universally accommodating both left- and right-handed users, each element of the device can be arranged accordingly.



  • Spine thickness of knives: up to 5 mm / 0.20" in
  • Knife blade length: up to 250 mm / 9.9" in
  • Knife blade width: up to 40 mm / 1.6" in
  • Minimum sharpening angle: 12°
  • Maximum sharpening angle: 26°
  • Compatible with abrasives of length: from 10 to 160 mm / 0.4"- 6.3" in
  • Compatible with abrasives of thickness: from 3 to 15 mm / 0.12" - 0.59" in
  • Weight: 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs
  • Dimensions assembled (LxWxH): 23×14×12 cm / 9.1×5.5×4.7" in
  • Dimensions disassembled (body, without the base, LxWxH): 11×3.5×12 cm / 4.3×1.4×4.7" in