Hapstone R2 Clamp Adapter for Jende JIGS



Country of Origin USA
GearConnect Host: Jende JIGS
Clamps: Hapstone Whole Milled Clamps, Hapstone Universal Angled Clamps, Hapstone Side Straight Clamps, Hapstone Central Y-Shaped Clamps (2x adapters)


The product page is in development. Stay tuned.

Attention! GearConnect adapters use 4 mm hex sockets, no tools included. All adapters are sold in singles, never in pairs.

GEARCONNECT is the family of clamp adapters to build "cross-platform" sharpening systems. An adapter connects the clamp bar of a host sharpening system to a clamp designed for another sharpening system. Adapters consist of 3D printed parts made of hard PLA plastic and steel bolts for maximum rigidity.