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Extension for TSProf Kadet Clamp



Country of Origin USA
GearConnect Host: TSProf Kadet (extends low to high profile)
Clamp: Stock Kadet Clamps


TSProf K03 and Kadet sharpeners are clamp-compatible but their clamps have different lengths. Although K03 Profile is not native to Kadet, the diversity of K03 and R2 clamps makes K03 Profile attractive for Kadet users.

GearConnect Extension for Kadet adds extra length to Kadet clamps to reach K03 Profile.

Read more about GearConnect for TSProf.

Attention! GearConnect adapters use 4 mm hex sockets, no tools included. All adapters are sold in singles, never in pairs.

GEARCONNECT is the family of clamp adapters to build "cross-platform" sharpening systems. An adapter connects the clamp bar of a host sharpening system to a clamp designed for another sharpening system. Adapters consist of 3D printed parts made of hard PLA plastic and steel bolts for maximum rigidity.

This adapter supports the following clamps:

Stock Kadet Clamp