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TSProf K03 Clamp Adapter for Hapstone R2



Country of Origin USA
GearConnect Host: Hapstone R2
Clamp: TSProf K03 Whole Milled Clamps, TSProf K03 Whole Milled Fillet Clamps, TSProf K03 Double Clamps, TSProf K03 Double Fillet Clamps, TSProf Small Universal Table (2x adapters)


The product page is in development. Stay tuned.

Attention! GearConnect adapters use 4 mm hex sockets, no tools included. All adapters are sold in singles, never in pairs.

GEARCONNECT is the family of clamp adapters to build "cross-platform" sharpening systems. An adapter connects the clamp bar of a host sharpening system to a clamp designed for another sharpening system. Adapters consist of 3D printed parts made of hard PLA plastic and steel bolts for maximum rigidity.