About GearConnect

GEARCONNECT is the family of clamp adapters to build "cross-platform" sharpening systems. An adapter connects the clamp bar of a host sharpening system to a clamp designed for another sharpening system. Adapters consist of 3D printed parts made of hard PLA plastic and steel bolts for maximum rigidity.


When multiple clamps are used together, it’s very important to have the same length. Clamps made by different manufacturers vary in length, but GearConnect solves the problem. A GearConnect adapter extends the attached clamp to predefined length that we call “clamp profile”.

  • Kadet Profile means all clamps have the length of Kadet clamps
  • K03 Profile means all clamps have the length of K03 clamps

Don’t confuse the clamp profile with the clamp itself. K03 and Kadet sharpeners are clamp-compatible. K03 clamps can be used in Kadet, and Kadet clamps can be used in K03.

GearConnect adapters for TSProf are divided to two categories: K03 Profile and Kadet Profile. Adapters for K03 Profile are compatible with K03 and Kadet sharpeners. Although Kadet Profile can be used in K03, we don't recommend it.

K03 Profile is not native for Kadet. The diversity of K03 and Hapstone R2 clamps in conjunction with the profile extender (Kadet -> K03) makes the K03 Profile very attractive for Kadet users. However, Kadet with K03 clamps gives up one of the main Kadet sales points.


GearConnect Adapters for K03 Profile

GearConnect-Ready Clamps for K03 Profile

GearConnect Adapters for Kadet Profile

GearConnect-Ready Clamps for Kadet Profile

Kadet Clamp Extension to K03 Profile

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