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Tuffite Whetstone for Edge Pro

  Edge Pro form-factor stones are suitable for Edge Pro, Hapstone, TSProf and all Edge Pro compatible sharpeners




Tuffite sharpening stones are used for finish sharpening knives on Edge Pro sharpener. Tuffite stone is natural abrasive material of high density. Tuffite stones have approximately 6 mm thickness and mounted on high quality aluminum blanks with laser engraving.

Tuffite stone is mined in the Baikal region of Russia. Tuffite is a tuff containing predominantly pyroclastic materials. It consists of different-sized quartz crystal grains (average 50 micron) cemented by cryptocrystalline quartz-chalcedony.


  • Product size: 160 x 25 x 9 mm (6" x 1" x ")
  • Working surface: 152 x 25 x 6 mm (6" x 1" x ¼")
  • Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz)
  • Abrasive: Tuffite
  • Extra materials: Aluminum Blank, 3M PSA

How to use

Tuffite sharpening stones can be used dry or with oleic oil as lubricant.

Tuffite stones stones do not have any minor defects. Tuffite stones always have a black and grey pattern; this is not a defect.

Tuffite stone does not require any preparations. It is naturally lapped.

Q & A

  • What grit do Tuffite natural stones have?

    Grit terminology is not applicable to natural sharpening stones, including Tuffite. The behavior of a natural stone depends on its density and how good it was lapped.