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TSProf Kadet PRO Knife Sharpener


Stone Bundle
Number of stones in the stone set or the sharpener bundle ,
# * 2
means dual-sided stone with different grits .


TSPROF Kadet Pro is a new high-precision sharpening system in Kadet family, equipped with the rack-and-pinion lift.  The rotary mechanism of Kadet Pro sharpener helps to maintain the same sharpening angle on both sides of the knife. Once turned, the lever locks the clamping frame firmly in place. By rotating the lift knob, the rotating unit moves smoothly around the virtual center where the knife's cutting edge is located. The arched rack is made of a single piece of aluminum and is integrated with a rack-and-pinion lift with a toothed gearing. A locking lever, after adjusting the desired angle, allows the rotating unit to be securely locked in place.

Kadet Pro is anodized in black according to the international Qualanod standard. Anodizing is used to improve the corrosion resistance and reinforce the surface structure of the aluminum. This coating method allows the unit to retain its perfect appearance for many years.

TSPROF Kadet Pro has everything you need for top-quality sharpening: the blade turning mechanism, the ability to set any angle from 9° to 28.5°, the rigid construction and absolute precision in every detail.

Kadet Pro frame is compatible with all clamps from the TSPROF K03 sharpening system: fillet, single, double and small universal table for sharpening of tools.

Kadet Pro easily disassembles and folds up for storage or transportation. The weight of the device of 4.5 lbs (2.1 kg), makes the sharpener mobile and gives sufficient stability during sharpening.


  • ⚙️Rotary Mechanism
  • ⚙️Rack And Pinion lift with a toothed gearing
  • ⚙️Thickness Compensator
  • 🔪Whole Milled Clamps made of aircraft-grade high-strength and lightweight aluminum alloy
  • ⚙️Standard Stone Holder
  • Standard Stopper
  • 🧩Compatible with any K03 clamps: fillet and classic, single and double, a small universal table
  • 🧩Compatible with GearConnect 
  • 🧩Compatible with Blitz accessories: improved stone holder, scissors adapter, convex adapter, stopper ring
  • 🔧Parts Kit
  • 📒User's Guide


  • Maximum blade spine thickness: 7 mm
  • Maximum blade length: 300 mm
  • Maximum blade width: 40 mm
  • Minimum sharpening angle: 9°
  • Maximum sharpening angle: 28°
  • Maximum length of flat-end stones: 154 mm
  • Maximum length of mounting blanks: 160 mm
  • Abrasives thickness: 3 to 15 mm

Kits Comparison

📐Sharpening angles
📋By specs: 8.5° to 28.5°
⚙️Manual Lifting
🧱Standard Stone Holder
⛔Standard Stopper
🔧Allen Keys
TSProf Kadet
Knife Sharpener
TSProf from $350.00 USD $420.00 USD
📐Sharpening angles
📋By specs: 8.5° to 28.5°
🎨Black Anodizing
⚙️Manual Lifting
🧱Improved Stone Holder
⛔Spring-Assisted Stopper
⛔Standard Stopper
🔩2x Hex Screwdrivers
📐Digital Angle Gauge
🖊️Sharpie Marker
Kadet PRO
📐Sharpening angles
📋By specs: 9° to 28°
🎨Black Anodizing
⚙️Rack And Pinion
🧱Standard Stone Holder
⛔Standard Stopper
🔧Allen Keys

Stone bundles

You can purchase the sharpener in a bundle with one of our stone sets. Each of the recommended stone bundles includes stones with evenly incremented grit (grain size). You can check our recommendation, depending on the steel hardness of your knives.

If you already have a collection of sharpening stones, or if you plan to purchase stones of your choice, choose the Barebone kit with no stones.

Diamond Plate Bundles

Basic Diamond
Basic Diamond Set for Edge Pro Gritomatic $27.00 USD

💎Gritomatic diamond 240
💎Gritomatic diamond 600
💎Gritomatic diamond 1000
Inexpensive 20-mm wide diamond plates are mounted on aluminum blank with laser engraving. For all steels.
Optimal Diamond

💎TSProf Diamond 150
💎TSProf Diamond 220
💎TSProf Diamond 400
💎TSProf Diamond 600
💎TSProf Diamond 1000
25-mm wide diamond plates are mounted on aluminum blank with laser engraving. For all steels.

Resin Bonded Diamond bundles

Venev Ursa
Venev 6" x 0.6" Ursa Series Dual Side Diamond Set Venev Industrial Diamonds $87.00 USD

(Polaris Stone Set)
💎Ursa Diamond 80 + 150
💎Ursa Diamond 240 + 400
💎Ursa Diamond 800 + 1200
Inexpensive but powerful diamond set for all users. 6" resin-bonded dual-sided narrow diamonds. Six grits 80 to 1200 FEPA. For all steels. To be used with water.
Venev Centaur
Venev 6" x 1" Centaur Series Dual Side Diamond Set Venev Industrial Diamonds $142.00 USD

(Alpha Centauri² Stone Set)
💎Centaur Diamond 100 + 240
💎Centaur Diamond 400 + 800
💎Centaur Diamond 1200 + 1500
Mid range diamond set for all users. 6" resin-bonded dual-sided diamonds. Six grits 100 to 1500 FEPA. For all steels. To be used with water.

Waterstone bundles

Silicon Carbide

🧱Boride CS-HD 120
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 240
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 600
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 1000
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 2500
Silicon carbide stone set for hard steels (over 58 hRC). All stones are pre-lapped, mounted on aluminum blanks, and easy to use. To be used with water.

🧱Boride T2 150
🧱Boride T2 220
🧱Boride T2 400
🧱Boride T2 800
🧱Boride T2 1200
Hard bonding aluminum oxide stone set for experienced users. For soft and medium-hard steels. Can be used with water or oil.