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Laser Edge Goniometer Master



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Laser Goniometer is a tool of measurement of the sharpening angle of knives and scissors. It's the price-wise alternative of expensive equipment invented by CATRA.

Laser Goniometer Master version is more advanced than Lite and Pro versions. Master version has a blade fixation by magnets. This allows you to study the geometry of the knife in peace and quiet. Two strong magnets allow you to hold the knife inside the goniometer or the goniometer itself with the knife.

Laser Goniometer Master PLUS includes a Laser Goniometer Master and a carry case.

New revision. The laser is powered by a built-in battery that can be charged via micro USB.

Models Comparison

📐Scale range: -36°...+36°
📏Scale resolution: 1° = 1.7 mm
🔪Blade capacity: 49 mm
🔋CR2032 battery

📐Scale range: -28°...+28°
📏Scale resolution: 1° = 2.7 mm
🔪Blade capacity: 80 mm
🔋CR2032 battery

📐Scale range: -44°...+44°
📏Scale resolution: 1° = 1.8 mm
🔪Blade capacity: 51 mm
🔋Built-in battery with micro USB

Unlike the Pro version, Master has two settings: The first one is the possibility to move the knife horizontally by means of an adjustment screw, which allows a precise adjustment to the laser beam regardless of the thickness and geometry of the knife blade. The second adjustment is to align the goniometer scale exactly to the center of the cutting edge of the knife to obtain an exact symmetrical pattern. You can view the readings at rest, as it is not necessary to "readjust" the blade position repeatedly to obtain a symmetrical image on the scale. The horizontal displacement range of the blade is 10 mm. The turning range of the scale is 12 degrees. This is more than enough for any blade geometry and any reasonable thickness.

Two polyamide bushings with a diameter of 6 mm are used to fix the blade vertically. They prevent damage during sharpening when touching and levelling and can be easily replaced with pieces of 6x4 polyamide or 10mm polyurethane tubing if necessary. The horizontal movement of the blade is carried out on two guides with an M6 running screw, the bearings MR106ZZ make the movement of the blade easy and reliable. The scale of the goniometer is located on a rotary disk, in the middle of the axis of rotation where the blade is located. The rotation of the scale is done by hand, through the serrated elements on three sides of the goniometer housing. To protect the blade from scratches, it is recommended to put pieces of adhesive tape or masking tape on the magnets before measuring. Please do not use too large pieces as the laser beam should not be obstructed.

A professional laser module with a glass lens was used for this protractor, which was pre-sorted and adjusted. Two ISO7380 screws M4x10 fix the rotary laser unit to fine tune the spot to "0". The operation is very easy and will give you accurate and helpful results at any time.

Attention! There is no User's Guide.