Fine Cowhide Leather Strop on Anodized Blank 4" x 1"


Aluminum Color: Gray


Fine Leather Strop is an efficient way of final polishing a cutting edge using guided knife sharpeners. A leather strop enhances the cutting edge by correcting small nicks and smoothing grooves.

The stropping medium is very thin fine cowhide leather mounted on high-quality aluminum blank with color anodizing: graphite gray, black, deep ruby red, ocean blue, emerald green, sepia orange. Different colors of blanks will help to avoid mistakes of using wrong grit. The thickness of leather is approximately 1 mm, the thickness of aluminum blank is 5 mm.

Gently slide the cutting edge over the strop, repeating 20-30 times for each side of the blade. The motion should avoid damaging the strop with the cutting edge.