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Special Series

Extended Angle Body for TSProf K03



Extended Angle K03 Body includes main components of K03 knife sharpeners including the extended rack and pinion lift, abrasive holder, C-clamp. The body does not include clamps or heavy stand.

TSProf K03 is a high-precision guided knife sharpening system. TSProf is high-precision CNC machining, wear-resistant materials, the tightest tolerances, and strict quality control for each unit.

  • Extended Angle Body with sharpening angle up to 35°. (The sharpening angle range varies between different kits, clamps, and blades.)
  • Auto-locking rotary mechanism lets you flip the knife as many times as you need in order to sharpen both sides of the blade.
  • Universal stone holder supports any sharpening stones up to 8.5" long, both flat-end and Edge Pro form-factor.
  • Upgradability. You can extend K03 capabilities with additional clamps and accessories.
  • U-fork pivot unit
  • Parking adapter
  • Spring-assisted stoppers
  • Mechanical angle gauge
  • Digital inclinometer holder

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