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Shipping and tracking

We finally fixed order lookup page. It did not work correctly. Now you can lookup your order if you did not register an account and find information about the status of your order. All courier companies except Amazon Logistics are trackable.

Order lookup

Konstantin Martynenko
Konstantin Martynenko

As the owner of Gritomatic online store I'd like to use this blog to talk with you and share my knowledge and experience in sharpening. English is not my native language, I am sorry for any mistakes and really hope it will not become a barrier between us. I will be happy to receive feedback from your side.

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Bruce Mauger
Bruce Mauger

May 03, 2017

Dear Konstantin.,
I have received my deluxe knife sharpener and it is fantastic. Iam trying to track my accessories package.Please can you help me . regards Bruce


March 01, 2017

Hello I was wondering how much the rotating clamp system was to ship to australian. And how much the hapstone knife sharpener is to ship to australia as well thanks.

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