Washita #1 Whetstone for Edge Pro

For Hapstone, TSProf and Edge Pro knife sharpeners (Edge Pro format)
$67.00 USD 📊 Grit Chart


Washita sharpening stones are used for sharpening knives on Hapstone and Edge Pro sharpeners. Washita is the most well-known among vintage natural stones. The estimated grit for Washita #1 is 1000-3000 JIS. Washita stones are mounted on high-quality aluminum blanks.

Washita stones are mined in the Ozark Mountains in the state of Arkansas in the United States. Washita stones consist of silica, but unlike synthetic abrasives, do not consist of individual abrasive grains of the same size. Washita quartz structure consists of fused crystal grains of different sizes.

Washita stones are universal and can be used to sharpen knives of any steel.

Washita stones can be of the following types:

  • Lily White - top-grade hard white stone without inclusions for fine sharpening
  • Rosy Red - high-grade soft or hard stone with red veins
  • #1 - hard stone for fine sharpening; stones may have little defects
  • Regular - soft stone for coarse sharpening; stones may have defects and inclusions

Washita stones should be used with any lubricants: refined olive oil, oleic aсid, Dan's mineral oil or water.

About Norton

Norton. The birth of the sharpening stone industry in the United States dates back to 1823 in New Hampshire. A farmer discovered that stones in his pasture were ideal for sharpening scythes and axes. This excellent deposit of mica schist became the foundation for the Pike Company – the first supplier of commercially available natural sharpening stones in North America. As time went on, the company expanded its original product offering to include over twenty varieties of natural stone, including the Arkansas line. Quarried from the novaculite deposits near Hot Springs, Arkansas, these stones soon replaced mica schist as the quality standard in premium natural sharpening stones. As Norton developed its position in synthetic abrasives, Pike Company complemented its natural stone line with the new aluminum oxide and silicon carbide bonded abrasives. This strengthened its position in that portion of the market requiring fast-cutting, heavy-stock-removing sharpening stones. In 1932 Norton Company purchased the Pike Company. Norton Company was subsequently purchased by Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc. (the global leader in abrasive sales and technology). Norton continues to serve world markets with the broadest line of natural and synthetic sharpening stones available.

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