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Universal Stone Holders (Set of 2️⃣) for Wicked Edge


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Owners of Wicked Edge sharpeners were always limited by proprietary form-factor sharpening hones. Hapstone Universal Stone Holder for Wicked Edge overcomes this limitation. Now you may use thousands of existing 6" and 4" sharpening stones and reduce the cost of ownership.

Hapstone PlaneShift Series includes components of Hapstone RS (such as stone holders or clamp system) adopted for other sharpening systems: PPA, WSPA, KME, Wicked Edge.

Universal Stone Holder for Wicked Edge is equipped with a digital angle gauge holder and a stone-changing pin.

Universal Stone Holder allows using ANY rectangular sharpening stones:

  • 6" mounted stones (Edge Pro format-factor)
  • 6" flat-end stones
  • 4" mounted stones
  • 4" flat-end stones

Note. It's very important to keep a sharpening angle consistent. The angle should not change when progressing to the next stone. If the thickness changes, the sharpening angle changes. Unchecked, this can ruin your sharpening. Use a digital angle gauge to monitor the sharpening angle when you replace a stone in the stone holder. Use the angle adjustment knob of the sharpener if necessary.

The kit includes two stone holders.