Tsushima Black Nagura



Tsushima Natural Nagura stones are used to create a honing paste on the surface of natural stones in order to refine the grit structure and give the stone a better bite on the edge being sharpened. Tsushima Nagura stones are usable on all sharpening stones from medium to ultra-fine grits. They work on artificial stones as well as they do on natural stones.

Tsushima Nagura (対馬名倉) is mined on Tsushima Island off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. Tsushima Nagura stands apart from all other Nagura stones because genuine Nagura stone's origin is Miwamura mountain in Aichi prefecture.

Tsushima Nagura is not a dressing stone; it's not intended to condition Waterstones or cut slurry in hard whetstones.

Tsushima Nagura has one side ready to use, all other sides are lacquered.

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