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Thickness Compensator ⌀8mm



BRAND: Hapstone

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The Thickness Compensator is a simple tool for maintaining the chosen sharpening angle while working with sharpening stones of different thicknesses on Hapstone or Edge Pro sharpener. Keeping a collection of single thickness sharpening stones is not recommended as a long-term solution. There are a lot of very good stones of different thickness, and hence no reason to limit yourself in this regard.

What is the problem with keeping stones of different thicknesses? When you switch between stones of different thickness on your sharpener, the angle of the horizontal shaft changes. Unchecked, this can ruin your sharpening. The thickness compensator acts as an anchor to fix the sharpening angle.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Inner diameter: 8 mm
  • Compatibility: Hapstone (all except V7), Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Professional

How to use

When assembling the sharpener, place the thickness compensator on the vertical shaft. To begin, install the first stone into the sharpener and set the desired sharpening angle, then set the thickness compensator to the working position and secure it with a thumb screw. The working position is below the pivot. The distance between the thickness compensator and the pivot should be equal to the thickness of the stone. The stone itself should be used as a measurement tool.

The compensator will remain in this position until the end of the sharpening process. You should not touch it after fixing it into position.

When you switch between stones, move the pivot into a new position. The distance between the compensator and the pivot should be equal to the thickness of the next stone, with the adjustment retaining the angle of the horizontal shaft.