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Spyderco Ceramic Stone for Edge Pro

For Hapstone and Edge Pro knife sharpeners (Edge Pro format)
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Spyderco Ceramic Stones are used for sharpening knives on Hapstone and Edge Pro knife sharpeners. Spyderco stones are made of alumina ceramic with an extremely high hardness rating. Spyderco Ceramic scarcely wears over time.

Spyderco Ceramic Stones are available in Medium (estimated 600 JIS), Fine (estimated 2000 JIS) and Ultra Fine (estimated 5000 JIS) grits.

How to use

Spyderco Ceramic is preliminarily lapped and does not require lapping after purchase. Spyderco Ceramic stones should be used with oil as a lubricant (oleic acid, WD-40, refined olive oil).

Q & A

  • Are these stones really original? Why are they not available on the website of Spyderco?

    Many end products are made by Gritomatic. We buy Spyderco ceramic stones from international distributors, perform the cutting, flattening and lapping, and mount the stones to blanks. We keep the names of the original sharpening stones in the names of the finished products, as well as the countries of origin of these stones.

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