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Opti Whole Milled Angled Clamps for Hapstone R2 (Set of 2️⃣)


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Hapstone Opti Clamps (Whole Milled Angled) - the latest development of Hapstone for R2 knife sharpener. Opti is a fusion of Hapstone universal angled clamps (asymmetrical orientation) and Hapstone whole milled clamps (material and clamp shape). Opti Clamps utilize CNC milled superelastic duralumin alloy jaws with internal undercut for full flat grind blades. Opti Clamps can be combined with other Hapstone clamps of standard length. Opti Clamps can be turned inward (for small knives) or outward (for long knives).

The kit includes two sets of screws designed for different blades:

  • Standard screws designed for blades up to 6 mm thick
  • Shortened screws designed for thin fillet knives with acute angles

Opti clamps are part of Hapstone R2 Opti kit and upcoming Hapstone R2 [BLACK]².