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Leading Edge Universal Upgrade Kit for KME


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Leading Edge Universal Upgrade enhances capabilities of KME knife sharpener with features of Leading Edge sharpening platform. Universal Upgrade includes:

  • Leading Edge Core with magnetic working table (one magnet block) and three-point knife guide
  • Long Blade Magnetic Support (two magnet blocks)
  • Vertical Support + Scissors Clamp - dual-purpose attachment that can be used for knives that don't stand still and for scissors

Universal Upgrade utilizes three removable magnetic blocks 1.5 x 0.5 x 0.25 inch with powerful N52-grade neodymium magnets. The working surface is coated with a synthetic rubber coating to stop knife shifting. Knife Guide allows you to position a knife precisely and symmetrically when flipping. Universal Upgrade is equipped with set of front screws for attachment(s). 2.5-mm hex Allen key or screwdriver is required to work with attachments (not included).

Installation and Demo

Attention! Partial disassembly of KME is required. It may void the warranty.

About Leading Edge Platform

Leading Edge Sharpening System is the only 3D-printable sharpener that can sharpen knives, scissors, and other edged tools. It has a magnetic knife holder, a three-point knife guide, optional accessories such as vertical knife support, scissors clamp, long blade attachment, fine-tuning, convex stone holder, and various knife clamps. Leading Edge Sharpening System works extremely well for almost any sharpening scenario, outperforming many high-end sharpening systems currently on the market.

Designed for hobbyists and makers, Leading Edge Sharpening System is based on traditional concepts: 6” sharpening stones, modular approach, and standard diameter rods. It gives Leading Edge platform a very low cost of ownership in conjunction with unlimited upgradability. You are not limited to 3D-printed accessories designed by Leading Edge. You can use various compatible accessories and clamps made by Hapstone, TSPROF, Kazak, and KakBritva.

Leading Edge Incursion is a major step towards true "cross-platform" sharpening systems designed by Burt Joubert, creator of GearConnect, the bridge between famous sharpening systems and clamps designed for other platforms. Leading Edge Incursion goes far beyond that – customers can create hybrids where two sharpening systems are fused together. Work Sharp Precision Adjust becomes the first habitat for Leading Edge Core Upgrade, a key element of symbiosis. Leading Edge Core Upgrade accepts attachments designed for Leading Edge Sharpening System such as vertical knife support, scissors clamp, long blade attachment, etc.

Neodymium Magnets Safety Warning
  • Neodymium magnets can jump together, pinch the skin and cause serious injuries.
  • Neodymium magnets are brittle – and can easily shatter and break.
  • Keep neodymium magnets away from all children.
  • Keep neodymium magnets away from anyone with a pacemaker.
  • Keep neodymium magnets away from magnetic media.
  • Keep neodymium magnets away from your GPS and smartphone.