Laser Edge Goniometer Lite



Laser Goniometer is a tool of measurement of the sharpening angle of knives and scissors. It's the price-wise alternative of expensive equipment invented by CATRA.

Goniometer Lite is an incredibly simple, but sufficiently informative device. It utilizes a built-in laser source powered by one CR2032 battery. You can test knives up to 2" wide. The grind can be symmetric, asymmetric, multi beveled, or convexed. The maximum full angle 80 degrees.

Attention! There is no User's Guide.

To measure the angle for sharpening scissors, you need to place one half of the scissors to the edge of the center angle and move the stop to the angle. Read the data on the laser scale and add 45 degrees.

The photo shows an example of measuring the angle of an OLFA carton cutter described above. Unfortunately, the photo does not exactly match the original, because photographing a laser beam is fairly difficult - the flash distorts it. In reality, it is much clearer and more informative. However, even here you can see not only the basic sharpening angle (bevel towards the cutting edge) but also the secondary bevel, even though it is only 0.12 mm wide (measured using a measuring microscope).

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