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Kangaroo Leather Strop 4" x 1"



Abrasive Clean
Country of Origin Ukraine
Extra Material Kangaroo leather mounted on aluminum blank
Form Factor KME
Total Thickness 5-6 mm
Working Surface 100 x 25 mm (4" x 1")


Kangaroo Strop is an efficient way of final polishing a cutting edge using KME knife sharpener. A kangaroo strop enhances the cutting edge by correcting small nicks and smoothing grooves. The working surface is made of vegetable tanned kangaroo leather mounted on a 5 mm thick aluminum blank.

Color variations have no effect on stropping. 

Working with kangaroo leather is similar to working with cow leather. Gently slide the cutting edge over the strop, repeating 20-30 times for each side of the blade. The motion should avoid damaging the leather with the cutting edge.