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Hex Screwdriver


Size: 3 mm


Country of Origin China


Many guided knife sharpeners include L-shaped Allen keys, the least expensive tool to handle hex screws. Hex screwdrivers are much easier to use than Allen keys. If you use your sharpener on a regular basis, hex screwdrivers will make your life comfortable.

1.5 mm
TSProf K03 - small components
Blitz 360 - many components
2 mm
Hapstone Angle Gauge Holder
Hapstone K1 - guide rod coupling
TSProf K03 - body
Blitz - most components
Blitz 360 - many components
2.5 mm
Hapstone R1 - stone holder
Hapstone V7 - stone holder
TSProf K03 - body
3.0 mm
Hapstone R2 Lite - clamps
TSProf K03 - body
TSProf K03 - clamps
4 mm
Hapstone Modular Platform
Hapstone R2 - full-sized clamps
Hapstone R1 - most components
Hapstone M2 - three-point guide, stone holder
Hapstone V7 - three-point guide
Hapstone K1 - most components
TSProf K03 - whole-milled clamps