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Hapstone RS
Knife Sharpener


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BRAND: Hapstone

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[BLACK] is a family of extended custom kits with the most useful and the most practical components. Hapstone RS [BLACK] features four angled clamps that can be turned inward (for small knives) or outward (for long knives)

  • 🔪2x Angled Clamps
  • 📐Digital Angle Gauge
  • 🔩Ball-End Hex Screwdriver (3 mm)
  • 🖊️King Size Sharpie Marker
  • 📈Waterproof GLGC Chart

Introducing the Hapstone RS, a new knife sharpening system born from the expertise of the Ukrainian team at Hapstone. Astonishing efficiency and user-friendly operation characterize this tool. For those seeking razor-sharp blades in the kitchen, repair shop, or for any hobbies, Hapstone RS stands as the ideal option.

Five years of diligent experience were dedicated to the conceptualization and design of this top-tier sharpening system, leading to the conclusion that Hapstone RS is the finest knife sharpener on the market due to its unique design. The versatility of this sharpening system accommodates a broad spectrum of knife sizes and thicknesses. From a diminutive paring knife to a substantial chef's knife, this system manages all with ease. Supporting a range from 40 to 230 mm in length and up to 6 mm in thickness, the sharpening system capably sharpens all knife types, from slender fillet knives to hefty cleavers. Moreover, the innovative design ensures the secure placement of the knife during the sharpening process, guaranteeing uniform and consistent sharpening every time.

The system features an innovative magnetic quick release 360° guide rod, which offers complete sharpening freedom. Developed with a focus on durability and performance, the guide rod uses high-grade materials for longevity. Its magnetic attachment system provides a steady and stable connection, and its compact, lightweight design facilitates easy use.

When bringing the Hapstone RS to life, the utmost attention was paid to details and materials to guarantee optimal performance and durability. Whole milled angled clamps consist of aircraft-grade aluminum, while high-quality stainless steel forms the guides, ensuring durability and operational stability.

The stone holder, screws, clamps, and the frame of the rotating module consist of solid aircraft aluminum. A robust 8 mm steel base with silicone feet ensures absolute stability for the sharpener.

A 5-year warranty accompanies the Hapstone RS knife sharpeners, instilling confidence in the reliability of the devices and assuring manufacturer support for the entire period of use.



  • ⚖️Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
  • 📏Dimensions: 11"х5.5"х7.4" (280х143х188mm)
  • 🔪Blade length: 1.6" to 9.2" (40 to 230 mm)
  • 🗜️Maximum blade thickness: 0.25" (6 mm)
  • 📐Sharpening angle range: 12° to 30° (🔬Confirmed: 10° to 35°)