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Hapstone R2 Standard Knife Sharpener


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Hapstone R2 Knife Sharpener is the new knife sharpener from Hapstone, supplier of successful Hapstone R1. Hapstone R2 on par with Hapstone V8 and Hapstone M3 is part of the Hapstone Modular Platform, innovative technology to let customers configure and upgrade the sharpening system with no limitations. Hapstone R2 is kitted with the cutting-edge rotating clamp module and delivers the ultimate combination of high precision, rich features, and scalability to knife sharpening enthusiasts.

Hapstone R2 Standard is the main-stream kit in the sub-$300 price segment. R2 Standard features 2x asymmetric angled universal clamps that can be turned inward (for small knives) or outward (for long knives). Clamps utilize flexible flat spring and spacer screws to secure knives of any shape including a full flat grind.

Hapstone Modular Platform

  • Hapstone Modular Platform and all modules can be purchased separately
  • The base with the pedestal stand for modules
  • Pivot unit with the full 360° rotation and parking hook for the guide rod
  • Linear ball-bearing provides smooth guide rod movement and requires no lubrication or cleaning in heavy-duty usage
  • Auto-adjustable universal stone holder with built-in digital angle gauge holder
  • Suitable for sharpening stones up to 6 inches (160 mm) including Edge Pro and KME formats
  • Light-alloy horizontal shaft for better pressure control during the sharpening process
  • Wooden handle to make time-consuming work a little easier
  • Rubber coated supporting legs that can be used on any surface
  • Option: Rotating Clamp Module (Hapstone R2)
  • Option: Extendable Table Module (Hapstone V8)
  • Option: Small Table Module (Hapstone M3)
  • Option: Scissors Module
  • Option: Chisel Module

Hapstone R2

  • ⚙️Rotating clamp module with the crossbar for multiple clamps
  • ⚙️Adjustable flipping strength
  • 🔪Any sharpening angle in a range from 8° to 35° degrees (*)
  • 📏Max blade length 12" (300 mm), max thickness 1/4" (8 mm)

* The sharpening angle range varies between different clamps and blades.

Hapstone R2 Kits

Hapstone R2 is available in 4 pre-configured kits: Lite, Standard, Opti, BLACK. All the kits include Hapstone Modular Platform and Rotating Clamp Module.


Entry-level sharpener for kitchen knives
🔪2x Short Lite Clamps

New mainstream kit with new easy-to-use clamps
🔪2x Opti Clamps

Standard mainstream kit for all knives
🔪2x Angled Universal Clamps

Extended kit with 4 clamps and extra accessories
🔪2x Opti Clamps
🔪2x Angled Universal Clamps
Fine-Tuning Adapter
🛑2x Spring-Assisted Stoppers
📐Digital Angle Gauge
🔩Ball-End Hex Screwdriver (4 mm)
🖊️King Size Sharpie Marker
📈Waterproof GLGC Chart

Stone bundles

You can purchase the sharpener in a bundle with one of our stone sets. Each of the recommended stone bundles includes stones with evenly incremented grit (grain size). You can check our recommendation, depending on the steel hardness of your knives.

If you already have a collection of sharpening stones, or if you plan to purchase stones of your choice, choose the Barebone kit with no stones.

Diamond Plate Bundles

Basic Diamond

💎Gritomatic diamond 240
💎Gritomatic diamond 600
💎Gritomatic diamond 1000
Inexpensive 20-mm wide diamond plates are mounted on aluminum blank with laser engraving. For all steels.
Optimal Diamond

💎TSProf Diamond 150
💎TSProf Diamond 220
💎TSProf Diamond 400
💎TSProf Diamond 600
💎TSProf Diamond 1000
25-mm wide diamond plates are mounted on aluminum blank with laser engraving. For all steels.

Resin Bonded Diamond bundles

Venev Ursa

(Polaris Stone Set)
💎Ursa Diamond 80 + 150
💎Ursa Diamond 240 + 400
💎Ursa Diamond 800 + 1200
Inexpensive but powerful diamond set for all users. 6" resin-bonded dual-sided narrow diamonds. Six grits 80 to 1200 FEPA. For all steels. To be used with water.
Venev Centaur

(Alpha Centauri Stone Set)
💎Centaur Diamond 100 + 240
💎Centaur Diamond 400 + 800
💎Centaur Diamond 1200 + 1500
Mid range diamond set for all users. 6" resin-bonded dual-sided diamonds. Six grits 100 to 1500 FEPA. For all steels. To be used with water.

Waterstone bundles

Silicon Carbide

🧱Boride CS-HD 120
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 240
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 600
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 1000
🧱Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 2500
Silicon carbide stone set for hard steels (over 58 hRC). All stones are pre-lapped, mounted on aluminum blanks, and easy to use. To be used with water.

🧱Boride T2 150
🧱Boride T2 220
🧱Boride T2 400
🧱Boride T2 800
🧱Boride T2 1200
Hard bonding aluminum oxide stone set for experienced users. For soft and medium-hard steels. Can be used with water or oil.