Gunny Shines Stone Cleaner and Lubricant


Volume: 140 ml / 4.7 oz


Country of Origin USA
Extra Material ⚗️Graphene, TiO2


Gunny Shines is a new game-changing stone cleaner & honing fluid. Gunny Shines is a graphene/TiO2-based water-based suspension with a proprietary formula that helps lift the metal out of the stone and prevents swarf loading when used during sharpening.

Gunny Products continually pushes the envelope. Without giving away proprietary information that brings the magic together, it’s the way the graphene and titanium dioxide are suspended with the other proprietary ingredients that make the difference. The manufacturing process produces something that others have yet to do. 

It only takes a couple of drops to clean or use as a honing fluid.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is recommended to use with Gunny Shines.