About Gunny Juice

Gunny Juice Polycrystalline Diamond Suspension is a very effective method of honing and polishing the cutting edge of the knife. Gunny Juice is created through a proprietary deionization process offering agglomerate-free dispersion of diamond particles for submicron grits. In conjunction with a very tight particle size distribution, the process permits scratch-free polishing results.

Gunny Juice is available in many grits in 10 ml and 30 ml volume.

The diamond suspension can be used with any strop made of leather, balsa, or nano cloth.

To use, simply pump the desired amount of suspension on your stropping medium, spread evenly, let dry, then use as usual.

You will not be able to fully remove the compound after applying it to the strop. If you want to use your strop both with and without compound, you must, therefore, keep one side clean. If you want to switch between one compound and another, consider buying an extra strop.

Compound residue accumulates in the leather during stropping. If stropping performance gets worse, remove the residue with a knife spine or special tool, and apply the fresh compound.

Particle Size Distribution

Gunny Juice suspension is based on the premium diamond powder of grain that is strictly controlled. Gunny Juice outperforms requirements of national abrasive standards in all key factors of the particle size distribution, such as median range (D50 tolerance), main range (D5 - D95), and largest particle range (D99). Chinese diamond powder and diamond compounds are made in accordance with JB, Russian and Ukrainian - with GOST, American - with ANSI.

Grand Logarithmic Grit Chart
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