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Chosera Stone for Edge Pro

For Hapstone and Edge Pro knife sharpeners (Edge Pro format)
$44.00 USD 📊 Grit Chart
JIS Grit

Chosera sharpening stones are used for sharpening knives on Edge Pro sharpeners. Chosera is a high-end series from Naniwa. Chosera stones are made of aluminum oxide. All Chosera stones are 6 mm thick and are mounted on high quality aluminum blanks.

Chosera series stones are universal, and can be used to sharpen knives of any steel.

How to use

Chosera stones should be used with one of these lubricant:

  • Water
  • Soapy water

Chosera stones do not have any minor defects.

Chosera stones always have a color pattern. This is not a defect.

Chosera stones do not require any preparations. It's preliminary lapped.

Warnings. Do not soak Chosera stones in water. Just splash, or use a water spray. Never store Chosera stones in water. Never dry Chosera stones near heat.

Q & A

  • Are Chosera stones really original? Why are they not available on the web site of Naniwa?

    Many end products are made by Gritomatic. We buy Chosera sharpening stones from international distributors, perform the cutting, flattening and lapping, and mount the stones to blanks. We keep the names of the original sharpening stones in the names of the finished products, as well as the countries of origin of these stones.

  • Which Chosera stones are good for extending a Boride stone set? The max grit of Boride is 1200. Is Chosera 2000 okay as a next step?

    The first thing you should consider when combining stones from different brands is grit scale. Boride uses FEPA-F, while Chosera uses a different scale. Chosera 5000 is approximately equal to F 1200. That means that Chosera 2000 and 3000 will be a step down from Boride 1200. You should consider Chosera 10000 instead.

  • Does Chosera use the japanese grit scale?

    Yes and no. Chosera stones from 400 to 3000 grit use the JIS scale. Chosera 5000 and 10000 stones do not. Please see our grit chart for more information about conversions.

  • What if I buy Chosera stones 3 mm thick to keep all of my collection uniform?

    Buying 3 mm thick Chosera stones is not recommended. A thickness of 6 mm is becoming the community standard for Edge Pro sharpening stones. Additionally, 3 mm stones have a shorter life cycle and must be purchased more often than 6 mm stones, which is something to consider given the high price of Chosera series stones. Additionally, 3 mm thick Chosera stones are prone to sudden rifting when drying, making them unusable.

  • Can I buy a sharpening stone without a blank?

    We don't sell sharpening stones without blanks.

Disclaimer. For international markets, Naniwa uses names "sharpening stone" for Super Stones and "professional stone" for Chosera. Such generic names are confusing. We use more recognizable names "Super Stone" and "Chosera".

About Naniwa

Naniwa is a Japanese manufacturer of sharpening stones for industrial and home use, diamond tools for processing stone and other materials, sandblasting systems for stone engraving, and a full range of products related to abrasion, with over 60 years of experience, dedication, and innovation. Thanks to Naniwa's constant efforts to bring quality and service to ever-higher levels, when it comes to anything related to abrasion the company can offer the most advanced easy-to-use products to the professional or home user.

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