Charnley Forest Whetstone for Edge Pro

For Hapstone, TSProf and Edge Pro knife sharpeners (Edge Pro format)
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Charnley Forest Whetstone for Edge Pro is cut from authentic vintage. Charnley Forest (Charnwood) stones are very rare sharpening stones. Only one stone is selling at any moment. Gritomatic guarantees authenticity.

Charnley Forest is used for super finish sharpening knives on Hapstone or Edge Pro knife sharpener. Charnley Forest is novaculite, a naturally abrasive material of high density. Charnley Forest stone is mounted on a high-quality aluminum blank with the laser engraving.

Charnley Forest Whetstone was mined in Leicestershire region, in the United Kingdom.

Charnley Forest is preliminarily lapped and does not require lapping after purchase. Charnley Forest stones should be used with water as a lubricant. Charnley Forest has a grey-green color with red streaks in it. Charnley Forest stones may have natural imperfections such as caverns.

Attention. Please make a deliberate choice. The actual photo of the stone with no Photoshop is shown. All imperfections are exposed.

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