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Center Clamp Adapter for TSPROF


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PrintSharp Center Clamp Adapter is designed to accommodate the standard side TSPROF clamps in the center of the clamp frame. It enables the usage of side clamps as a central single clamp. The adapter offers the flexibility to mount one or two side clamps according to your needs. The adapter is compatible with the clamp frames of TSPROF K03, K03 Pro, Kadet, Kadet Pro, and Pioneer sharpening systems. The adapter is made of carbon fiber PLA material for durability and lightweight.


How to Use

The package includes two 4-mm bolts, the same size as the original TSProf bolts, to secure the clamps in place. You'll need a 4-mm hex screwdriver (not included) for smooth installation.

  • Kindly exercise caution during installation. Over-tightening could potentially damage the plastic or strip the threads.
  • Install the adapter with the center cap in position.
  • To mount a single side clamp in the center, utilize the central hole of the adapter for optimal support, this setup is particularly suitable for smaller knives.
  • To mount two single clamps in the center, utilize the outer holes of the adapter.