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Basic Diamond 3️⃣Stone Set 6" x ¾"



Abrasive Synthetic monocrystalline diamonds
Bonding Electroplated coating
Country of Origin China
Extra Material Mounted on aluminum blank
Form Factor Edge Pro
Lubricant Water
Thickness of Abrasive coating
Total Thickness 4 mm
Working Surface 152 x 20 mm (6" x 0.75")


Basic Diamond Set is used for sharpening knives on Edge Pro compatible knife sharpeners. Diamonds offer excellent performance in sharpening knives of any steel including high carbon, vanadium, and chromium steels. Diamond-bearing plates are mounted on the high-quality aluminum blank with laser engraving.  The set consists of 3 diamonds: 240, 600, and 1000 grit. Diamonds are recommended to be used with water as a lubricant. Just splash, or use a water spray.