Anodized Aluminum Blank 100 x 25 x 5mm 4" x 1"


Color of Anodizing: Gray


Form Factor KME
Series Multi-Color Blanks
Total Thickness 5 mm
Working Surface 100 x 25 mm (4" x 1")


Anodized Aluminum Blanks 100 x 25 x 5mm are used for lapping films and stropping pads on guided knife sharpeners that work with 4" sharpening stones. Blanks are made of high-quality 5mm-thick aluminum with color anodizing. Blanks are available in six colors: graphite gray, black, deep ruby red, ocean blue, emerald green, sepia orange. When stropping or lapping has more than one step, blank identification can be a headache. Different colors of blanks will help to avoid mistakes of using wrong grit.