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Hapstone V7 Hints

There are some counter-intuitive things in Hapstone V7 not covered by User's Guide.

1) The stone holder has little black screw as shown on photo. You can think its purpose is fastening 2 parts of horizontal rod during assembling. But it's not. The little screw is stopper limiting movement of stone holder during readjusting. It's not intended to be used other way. Assembly of horizontal rod is made by hands only, without any tools.

2) The official angle range for Hapstone V7 is 11 to 47 degree, which outperforms most of competition sharpeners. However, you can extend angle range to insane 3 degree! You will not find it in User's Manual, because there are some limitations. If you need super acute sharpening angle, you may detach three point guide and thickness compensator from V7 base. These are main obstacles for super acute angles. Limitations: you have to opt out three-point guide; V7 must be positioned close to far side of your table to give the horizontal rod enough space for movement.

3) Hapstone V7 does not have "scissors sharpening" in feature list. Scissors attachments is still in development, but you can set blunt angle up to 70 degree right now. There is round hole in the middle of V7 base. Using scewdriver you can detach orange pivot rod holder and attach it in the middle. Now, if you fasten your scissors on working table, you can sharpen it!

Konstantin Martynenko
Konstantin Martynenko

As the owner of Gritomatic online store I'd like to use this blog to talk with you and share my knowledge and experience in sharpening. English is not my native language, I am sorry for any mistakes and really hope it will not become a barrier between us. I will be happy to receive feedback from your side.

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GW Christman
GW Christman

October 24, 2017

will there be a rotating clamp for the V7

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