Gritomatic on Blade Show 2018

At last, we have received the final production sample of Hapstone R1. We are ready to show it!

Hapstone R1 completes the full product line of knife sharpeners:

  • Hapstone M2 in the economy segment
  • Hapstone V7 in the middle
  • Hapstone R1 in the high-end segment

It was the tough time for Hapstone as R1 and M2 were in development simultaneously. R1 was almost ready in 2017 but was completely redesigned.

We will show all three knife sharpeners on upcoming BladeShow 2018 in Atlanta.

You can preview Hapstone R1 here. The preorder will be open soon. The estimated start shipping date is between August and October. The sooner you preorder R1, the sooner you get it. After fulfillment all preorders, Hapstone R1 will come to open sales.

Hapstone R1 knife sharpener is super upgradable. You will not have to buy a new knife sharpener as soon as an auxiliary option is available. Options can be: modules for different sharpening tasks (the scissors module, the extendable working table module, the chisel module), alternative vertical rods (the rail), alternative horizontal rod (the convex rod), and adapters you put on the sharpener (like the fine-tuning adapter or digital angle cube). All these options will come during the fall.

Hapstone R1 will be available in many variants.

  • Standard kit with the rotating clamp system and fine-tuning. Stone bundles: 5 silicon carbide stones, 5 aluminum oxide stones, 3 dual-side diamonds, 5 Boride stones. Price range $489-$519.
  • Barebone kit with the rotating clamp system only, no stones. Price $399.
  • Deluxe kit with many modules and options. Estimated start selling date - end of the year. Stone bundles will be announced (we consider Chosera 5 stones, Shapton Pro 5 stones, Metallic CBN 6-stones).

We don't have prices for auxiliary modules as well as for the Deluxe kit at the moment.

Konstantin Martynenko
Konstantin Martynenko

As the owner of Gritomatic online store I'd like to use this blog to talk with you and share my knowledge and experience in sharpening. English is not my native language, I am sorry for any mistakes and really hope it will not become a barrier between us. I will be happy to receive feedback from your side.

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