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Shipping terms

All orders are shipped from Gritomatic US warehouse (in Cartersville GA) by USPS or UPS. Shipping costs are automatically calculated during checkout. 

Free shipping for Continental US orders $50 and up. PO Boxes may be not eligible for free shipping (because we use UPS for heavy parcels).

Shipping address

Please be sure the address you provide during checkout is correct. We will not be able to change the address after your order has been shipped. If you have made a mistake in shipping address, contact us immediately via the Contact form (choose "Order change" from the list).


Combined shipping

We can combine shipping of unshipped domestic orders. Please contact the customer support. The excess shipping cost will be refunded.

We cannot combine shipping of international orders. If you need to cancel the order, please contact the customer support

International orders - Delivery time

Special attention to all international customers. Please choose UPS if delivery time is important. USPS shipping time may reach 3 months. 

COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the international mail system as a result of the decreasing transport capacity and the resultant tonnage of delayed volumes backlogged at transport hubs.

International orders - Customs duties

All international orders may be subject to customs duties or fees. Customers are responsible to pay customs fees, taxes, tariffs, duties or any other such fees that may be incurred. Please familiarize yourself with your country's import laws.

Kindly take note that we have no control over any delays due to customs clearance. The undervaluing of the shipment is impossible. The invoice is included in all orders by default.

International orders - Liquids

Honing oils are petroleum products that cannot be shipped by air.

Orders to EU - No VAT

As of 1 July 2021, EU enforces new VAT rules for non-EU businesses that sell to EU-based customers. Cross-border sellers are required to charge the VAT rate of the buyer’s country of residence. If the import VAT is not charged, VAT and customs duties must be payable by the buyer directly to the customs authorities or the carrier.

We do not charge VAT.

Economy International Shipping

We offer economy international shipping only to countries providing electronic delivery confirmation services (E-DELCON) for first class international packages. Electronic tracking includes the US domestic transit, international transit to the destination country, and delivery confirmation in the final destination country. Countries not listed in E-DELCON don't offer delivery confirmation which is required by PayPal for non-receipt claims.


Orders to Canada

Be aware UPS Canada forces customers to pay outrageous customs brokerage fees for ground parcels from the USA (UPS Standard). The brokerage fee is not the same as the customs duty: the brokerage fee is paid to UPS pocket, not the government. Self-clearing essentially helps you avoid these brokerage charges, and pay the duties directly to the government by yourself. Read a good explanation about self-clearing here. If you cannot self-clear (you cannot visit CBSA office), stay away from UPS. 


All shipments have a tracking number and can be tracked soon after the order is sent. You can use "Check Order Status" service or the "track" button in your Gritomatic account if you are registered.

Tracking of international orders shipped via USPS may have substantial time lag after the parcel leaves the USA. You can use services PackageRadar for obtaining up-to-date information. For many countries, parcels in transit in the country of destination are not trackable in Use the online tracking of your national mail service instead.

Order returned to sender

If your order cannot be delivered due to an incorrect address or is left unclaimed (including failure to clear customs in your country) and returned to us, we will issue a refund after deducting the shipping and return costs.


The tracking indicates that my order was delivered, but nothing arrived.

Sometimes a USPS status can be misleading: the parcel could be in the post office but its status is "delivered" (it can happen when the postman’s work shift ends). First of all, please check whether the delivery address is correct. If it's correct, please recheck your mailbox, check postal notices, and then ask your neighbors. If you cannot locate the parcel, and it's not delivered by the next working day, please visit the postal office or ask your postman.

Can you undervalue prices in customs declaration?

Orders below a certain total amount are customs-duty free. The threshold is very low in many countries. Undervaluing saves money for international customers, and what is more important - their time. Even though we know that, but we cannot undervalue CN22 or CP72 custom declarations - this is against the law in the USA. You can use a US ship forwarder as an option - US parcels do not include a customs declaration and a paper invoice can be removed from the parcel.