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Standard Central Clamp for KakBritva


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BRAND: KakBritva

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4 mm [flat]
6 mm [flat]
3° [undercut]
5° [undercut]
7° [undercut]
10° [undercut]
5 mm [flat]
7 mm [flat]

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KakBritva sharpening platform targets DIY enthusiasts and makers of custom sharpeners. The KakBritva product matrix combines high quality, diversity, and affordable prices.

Standard Central Clamp is available in many variations of the internal profile. A clamp set built around different variations of the internal profile lets you balance versatility and precision. KakBritva clamps have dot coding for easy identification.


Usage: Central clamp for KakBritva System
Category: Wholemilled + Backplate
Material: D16T duralumin alloy
Length: 90 mm
Width: 20 mm (standard)
Height: 20 mm
Internal profile: flat (4 variations) or undercut (4 variations)
Jaws opening: 4, 5, 6, or 7 mm (6 mm for all undercut variations)
Mounting: 4 mm hex socket screws

Attention! KakBritva clamps use 4 mm hex sockets, no tools included. All KakBritva clamps are sold in singles, never in pairs.

This clamp was designed for the sharpening system of the manufacturer. Don't forget to buy a GEARCONNECT adapter for any other sharpening system.

GEARCONNECT is the family of clamp adapters to build "cross-platform" sharpening systems. An adapter connects the clamp bar of a host sharpening system to a clamp designed for another sharpening system. Adapters consist of 3D printed parts made of hard PLA plastic and steel bolts for maximum rigidity.

This clamp is not supported by GearConnect. Support for Work Sharp Precision Adjust in development.