Three Point Guide for Hapstone V5

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Three Point Guide is an additional option for Hapstone knife sharpener. With a standard guide – it requires practice and experience to ensure the same position of the knife after flipping, as there is only one “contact point” between the blade and the guide. That may cause the loss of precision. But if you try a three point guide – the difference is obvious even for a beginner. The knife rests on two contact points and after flipping it will have exactly the same position, so the sharpening angle stays correct and consistent. The central part of the three point guide is adjustable.

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Hapstone Pro Features: Standard Guide and Three Point Guide © Gritomatic

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In the past few years, Hapstone sharpeners have become extremely popular in Eastern Europe. The team of young engineers has created a line of knife sharpeners combining high quality, rich features, and competitive pricing. Hapstone continues to develop its product range by creating innovative accessories and abrasives.

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