Ruixin RX-008 Knife Sharpener (Clearance)


Stone bundle
Number of stones in the stone set or the sharpener bundle .


RX-008 Knife Sharpener is the 8th-generation knife sharpener made by Ruixin, the manufacturer in China. Ruixin RX-008 offers the combination of high-quality manufacturing and design in the price range below $100.  RX-008 is based on the innovative rotating clamp system EASY FLIP. 


  • Wide clamp based on flexible elements (flat springs)
  • Three-point securing suitable for full flat grind blades
  • Made of durable materials like cast aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • EASY FLIP rotating system (pull to rotate)
  • Long vertical rod to set high sharpening angles (including scissors)
  • PTFE ball pivot unit
  • Universal stone holder for stones up to 6" including Edge Pro format and KME format stones
  • Wide spring to secure sharpening stones with no mounting
  • Rasps can be attached instead of the stone holder
  • 2 stoppers on the guide rod
  • Thickness compensator
  • Adjustable rubberized handle
  • Flat space on the stone holder for a digital angle gauge
  • One 4-mm hex key for all operations
  • Bag for storage
  • To be mounted on a workbench using C-clamp

Attention. 6" long stones may have partial surface utilization on Ruixin RX-008 on low sharpening angles. 

Kits and Stone bundles

You can purchase the sharpener in a bundle with one of our stone sets. Each of the recommended stone bundles includes stones with evenly incremented grit (grain size). You can check our recommendation, depending on the steel hardness of your knives. We recommend Venev Dog Set for most customers.

If you already have a collection of sharpening stones, or if you plan to purchase stones of your choice, choose the Barebone kit with no stones.

Stone Bundles

Basic Diamond
Basic Diamond Set for Edge Pro Gritomatic $28.50 USD

Coated diamonds #240
Coated diamonds #600
Coated diamonds #1000
Inexpensive electroplated diamonds are mounted on aluminum blank with laser engraving. For all steels.
Venev Dog
Venev 4" Dog Series Dual Side Diamond Set Venev Industrial Diamonds Sold Out

(Procyon Stone Set)
Venev Diamond 100 + 240
Venev Diamond 400 OCB + 800 OCB
Inexpensive but powerful diamond set. 4" resin-bonded dual-sided diamonds. Four grits 100 to 800 FEPA. For all steels. To be used with water.
Venev Centaur
Venev 6" x 1" Centaur Series Dual Side Diamond Set Venev Industrial Diamonds $127.00 USD

(3Centauri Stone Set)
Venev Diamond 80 + 150 (100%)
Venev Diamond 240 + 400 OCB (25%)
Venev Diamond 800 OCB + 1200 OCB (25%)
Mid range diamond set for all users. 6" resin-bonded dual-sided diamonds. Six grits 80 to 1200 FEPA. For all steels. To be used with water.
Silicon Carbide

Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 120
Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 240
Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 600
Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 1000
Gritomatic Silicon Carbide 2500
Silicon carbide stone set for hard steels (over 58 hRC). All stones are pre-lapped, mounted on aluminum blanks, and easy to use. To be used with water.
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Boride T2 150
Boride T2 220
Boride T2 400
Boride T2 800
Boride T2 1200
Hard bonding aluminum oxide stone set for experienced users. For all steels. Can be used with water or oil.

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