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Rotate-K Rotating Clamp System for Hapstone V7 & V6




Rotate-K Clamp Upgrade is an optional upgrade module designed to clamp the knife and flip it easy and fast during sharpening on Hapstone V7 and V6 knife sharpeners. Rotate-K helps to maintain the consistent sharpening angle when flipping the knife. Rotate-K rotating mechanism and clamps are based on Hapstone K1 design.


  • Reliable rotating clamp system
  • Upgradable to triple clamp configuration
  • CNC milled superelastic duralumin alloy jaws
  • Easy rollback to the working table mode
  • Any sharpening angle in a range from 14° to 23° degrees
  • All parts are made of metal
  • Max blade length 9.85", max thickness 0.2"

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