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Polishing Lapping Films for KME

  KME form-factor stones are suitable for KME, Hapstone, Blitz 360 and all KME compatible sharpeners


Micron Grit



Lapping Films are the alternative to sharpening stones. You can buy online a lapping film of virtually any grit, but what makes lapping films unique is ultra-fine versions. 3M Lapping Films are PSA-backed (pressure sensitive adhesive) and should be attached to empty blank by customer at his own discretion.

One pack contains 10 pieces of 3M PSA Lapping Films. Grit of 3M Lapping Films is specified as average grain size in micron. Please look Grit Table if you need conversion.


  • Product size: 100 x 25 mm (4" x 1")
  • Quantity in pack: 10 pcs
  • Weight: 10 g
  • Abrasive: Silicon Carbide (15, 40 micron), Aluminium Oxide (0.3, 1, 5 micron)
  • Extra materials: PSA, Paper Backing

How to use

PSA-backed (pressure sensitive adhesive) lapping film is extremely easy to use. Simply peel off the paper backing and press it down on the blank. Avoid getting air bubbles between the film and the blank.

3M Lapping Films should be used with one of these lubricants:

  • Refined olive oil
  • Oleic aсid

Please note that length of films is 10-11 cm (4-4½"). Cut if necessary.

When Lapping Film loses abrasive ability, gently detach it from the blank and attach new film.

Questions and answers

If you have a question regarding this product, please feel free to ask.