Nakayama Mizu Asagi Whetstone for KME (Mounted)

For KME and Hapstone knife sharpeners (KME format)
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Type: KME Stones


Nakayama Mizu Asagi Whetstones are used for finish sharpening on KME or Hapstone knife sharpeners.

Nakayama Mizu Asagi (中山 アサギ) Whetstone is mined in Nakayama in Japan. Nakayama Mizu Asagi is ultra-fine natural stone with the LV5/LV5+ hard rating. Nakayama Mizu Asagi Whetstones are recommended as a progression after 10K grit stone.

Nakayama Mizu Asagi structure consists of fused silica and alumina rounded grains of average size 2-3 microns.

Nakayama Asagi stones are universal and can be used to sharpen knives of any steel.

Nakayama Asagi is preliminarily lapped and does not require lapping after purchase.

Nakayama Asagi should be used with water as a lubricant. All that is required is to wet the stone surface. There is no need to immerse the stone. During the sharpening, the slurry is released from the stone surface. Try to keep slurry on the stone surface.

Nakayama Asagi stones may have slight natural imperfections, inclusions and other minor defects not affecting the sharpening.

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