Longsword Sharpener


Stone bundle
Number of stones in the stone set or the sharpener bundle ,
# * 2
means dual-sided stone with different grits .


Attention! Never practice with a sharpened longsword. It's not a piece of art anymore, it's a weapon inflicting deadly wounds.

Longsword Sharpener is a small batch production device for sharpening very long blades of all types: longswords, katanas, machetes, sabres, thickness planer blades.


  • Lineal ball-bearing pivot unit movable on dual rails
  • 31" wide sliding table
  • Maximum blade length 60 inches
  • 5 movable and protrudable CNC milled clamps
  • Flippable clamp panel
  • Variable sharpening angle (for sabres)
  • Independent fine-tuning adapters for vertical rods
  • Universal stone holder
  • Full compatibility with Edge Pro format stones
  • Suitable for sharpening stones up to 8 inches (210 mm)
  • Base and sliding table made of wood, other parts made of metal
  • Resin stoppers on the guide rod
  • Rubberized bottom underside


Warranty 1 year after the date of purchase. Gritomatic handles warranty support in the USA.

Stone bundles

You can purchase the sharpener in a bundle with one of our stone sets. Each of the recommended stone bundles includes stones with evenly incremented grit (grain size).

If you already have a collection of sharpening stones, or if you plan to purchase stones of your choice, choose the Barebone kit with no stones.

Basic Diamond
Basic Diamond Set for Edge Pro Gritomatic $28.50 USD

Coated diamonds #240
Coated diamonds #600
Coated diamonds #1000
Inexpensive electroplated diamonds are mounted on aluminum blank with laser engraving. For all steels.
Venev Centaur
Venev 6" x 1" Centaur Series Dual Side Diamond Set Venev Industrial Diamonds from $128.00 USD

(3Centauri Stone Set)
Venev Diamond 80 + 150 (100%)
Venev Diamond 240 + 400 OCB (25%)
Venev Diamond 800 OCB + 1200 OCB (25%)
Mid range diamond set for all users. 6" resin-bonded dual-sided diamonds. Six grits 80 to 1200 FEPA. For all steels. To be used with water.

How to use

The sharpener is shipped disassembled and requires assembling.  Attention! There is no User's Guide.